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Captain Cook Film

captain cook film

Tautira, Tahiti

Tautira, Tahiti

Tautira is on the north shore of Tahiti-iti, about as far as it is possible to drive from Papeete and still largely untouched, the Tahiti of 30 years ago if not 120 years ago when Robert Louis Stevenson stayed for several months, declaring it to be “the most beautiful spot I have ever found.” From the black sand beach you look across the bay and up the spectacular Vaitepiha Valley, one of the great views of the island.

Vaitepiha was where Captain Cook anchored on his second and third voyages, both of them aboard the Resolution, before moving down the island to the more important anchorage at Matavai Bay. On the fateful third voyage, in 1778, his sailing master was William Bligh, later captain of the Bounty, who was making his first visit to the South Seas.

On his first voyage with the Resolution, Cook lost an anchor from the sister ship, the Adventure, and this was brought to the surface in 1978 by marine archaeologists whose work was financed by the film director David Lean, then planning a two-part film about the Bounty mutiny. The project was abandoned in 1980, though the 1984 film, The Bounty, is based on the scripts written by Robert Bolt for David Lean.

All Saints Church, Great Ayton

All Saints Church, Great Ayton

Film crew lighting all the candles inside All Saints Church, Great Ayton, before filming part of the Vanessa Collingridge documentary about Captain Cook. This was the church where members of the Cook family were baptised, married and buried.

captain cook film

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