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Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

cleaning cast iron cookware

Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

I really screwed up - so what else is new?

I needed to re-season my relatively new 8 quart dutch oven. Screwed up the white balance in this shot too - this is a pretty much jet black pot - not silver.

I have the bad habit of leaving food in the pot over night - then I have to soak and scrub the pot the next day to clean it and that just ruins the seasoning. Last time the food included some acidly tomato stuff - so the seasoning is gone and there was rust. I cannot claim ignorance or lack of training. My significant other reminded me that my mother would clean her cast iron before sitting down to dinner - information offered as my mom handed over an heirloom skillet to her that she received as a young bride from an aunt or second cousin or some such. That skillet is still absolutely more non-stick than any modern Teflon pot.

So, I hope I am doing the re-seasoning right. I found advice to use canola oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil and lard. Originally I followed one of my favorite TV cooks advice and used peanut oil ( that was Jeff Smith - the Frugal Gourmet) and he advised against vegetable oil as it leaves a sticky residue. But we almost never deep fry anything and peanut oil cost like $10 a quart and I would only use 3 tablespoons.

So, I opted for frying some bacon in the thing and smearing the grease and fat all over the pot and lid and then stuck them in the outdoor grill at 350°F for about 3 hours.

I think that will do it. The dogs in the neighborhood were baying like crazy so that was a bonus. And I got a bacon sammich and that was a double bonus.

Would be interested if anyone has a better method.


Griswold cast iron stovetop waffle iron....cleaned, oiled, and ready to use!

Griswold cast iron stovetop waffle iron....cleaned, oiled, and ready to use!

Image taken at Carl G. Washburne State Park, north of Florence, Lane County, OR

These old cast iron waffle irons languish in second-hand shops and with "antique" dealers. We went looking for an older electric model to use in the Airstream, but we both fell for this even older cast iron model, made years ago by Griswold, once a thriving USA manufacturer of cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, and other cast iron cookware.

cleaning cast iron cookware

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Cook Your Own Steak San Diego

cook your own steak san diego

Turf Club

Turf Club

Photograph of the famous Turf Supper Club in Golden Hill, a neighborhood of San Diego California.

Turf Supper Club

Turf Supper Club

Bar and grill-your-own-steak joint in San Diego, CA.

cook your own steak san diego

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Dane Cook Clip

dane cook clip

Oh wow that's Dane Cook! Wait. Who's Dane Cook?

Oh wow that's Dane Cook! Wait. Who's Dane Cook?

I really have no clue who he is. Everyone else seemed gaga for him. Apparently he is one of them actor stand-up types.

Here he is talking to...I don't know. It was taking forever for them to film this one scene. There was a lot of blocking and rehearsing, and reapplying of hair gel, then a lot of milling about.

Filming a scene from "The Bachelor 2" (??? never heard of Bachelor 1) in South End. Saw: Alec Baldwin, Dane Cook (was just shown youtube clips of his standup and thought he was pretty not funny), and Jason Biggs (who I couldn't care less about).

Shot a few blocks from where we live.

ooh! stuff! in a collage!!

ooh! stuff!  in a collage!!

i don't know why, but when i was coming up with a title, i heard Dane Cook's voice in my head!...?!

actually, i do know why. i've been watching his clips on YouTube :P love it! esp. YouTube!

anyway, random pics is all :)

*collage made with Photoshop.

dane cook clip

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Dane Cook Tv Show. Steel Pressure Cooker. Big Cook Little Cook.

Dane Cook Tv Show

dane cook tv show

May Sweeps Has Ended...

May Sweeps Has Ended...

Long live the Summer Schedule!!!

You'll need a few TiVo's for June 11th!

5/30 Rescue Me (FX)
6/5 Dog Bites Man (Comedy Central)
6/11 Dane Cook's Tourgasm (Comedy Central)
6/11 The 4400 (USA)
6/11 Deadwood (HBO)
6/11 Entourage (HBO)
6/18 The Dead Zone (USA)
6/28 Blade (Spike TV)
6/29 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)
7/7 Monk (USA)
7/7 Psych (USA)
7/9 Chapelle's Show (Comedy Central)
7/9 Reno 911 (Comedy Central)
7/12 Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes (TNT)
7/14 Eureka (Sci-Fi)

3 Pandings. ABC Family's taking a dip into the genre programming pool. I may/may not take a peek just to see what's up:

6/26 Kyle XY
Psychologist takes mysterious innocent teenage "savant" into her family.

7/23 Two Moons Over Milford
Residents of small town Milford react to impending 'end of the world'.

8/13 Fallen
Orphan boy discovers he has powers on his 18th birthday.

Day 18/365 "Everybody gets HUMPBACK WHALES!!!!" haha gotta love dane cook

Day 18/365 "Everybody gets HUMPBACK WHALES!!!!" haha gotta love dane cook

if your viewing this SHOW ME SOME LOVE please =] no one ever comments me other than my bff. PLEASE

NO SCHOOL TODAY! yay i seriously sat in my pajamas all day lmao hence shitty pic. i watched tv all day and i watched Dane Cook's Rough Around The Edges which was hilarious (I already own the cd but still) hence the title, other than that, i did nothing else i have 2 papers for pig today and my college essay for fredonia and i didn't do any i really need to get started shit oh well i'm such a damn procrastinator (I can't spell) i really gotta stop that

so like i said did nothing all day so shitty pic i just got out of the shower so get another wet hair pic. oh and for some of you who don't know that title is from dane cook doing his oprah sketch or has he calls her harpo lmao

SOTD: "Let Me Sign" Rob Pattinson =] ♥


dane cook tv show

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David cook tour dates 2011 : Cook county purchasing.

David Cook Tour Dates 2011

david cook tour dates 2011

weekday date

weekday date

today i had a date with her, my dearest friend nana. we enjoyed shopping, having coffee time, talking, talking, talking about lots of things... she's always so cute, sweet and charming, gives me energy. i had a fun, lovely time today, thanks a million, nana, see you next saturday again! :)))

@hanjiro, daikanyama, tokyo, Japan

TOURING modello "C" del 1935

TOURING  modello  "C"    del 1935

Restauro conservativo del modello "C" della Touring del 1935.
Tutti i componenti sono originali e in ottimo stato d'uso.
Ruote da 28".
Le manopole ed i manopolini in corno sono in fase di restauro.

david cook tour dates 2011

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